Medrop Surgical Carbon Steel Blade (Pack of 100 Pcs.) Size: 24


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  • Colour: Silver, Material: Carbon Steel
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Product Description


Curved cutting edge and is the most popular blade shape ideal for making short & precise incisions. It is utilisted in a variety of surgical procedures including the excision of a skin lesion or recurrent sebaceous cyst and for opening coronary arteries. Disposable surgical scalpel Features: Product use: This product is used for the basic surgical surgery for cutting soft tissues. Types: Disposable carbon steel surgical blade Sterilization: By gamma radiation

Medrop surgical blades

How is scalpel used?


The scalpel as said before is used in making the incisions, one of the first and the essential instruments used in the Operation Theater. It can be held in different ways based on the type of incision needed.

  • Palmar Grip – Here it is held between the thumb and the middle, ring and 5th fingers with the index finger over the upper border of the handle. The handle lies clutched in the palm. This grip is used while making incisions on tough tissues. A Periosteal Elevator is also held in a similar manner. The movement in this position arises from the shoulder.
  • Pencil Grip – Here it is held as a pencil which is used in making small, precision cuts where handle lies over the palm. In this position movement is given from the fingers to make fine cuts.
  • Finger-Tip Grip – A modification of Palmar grip where the scalpel is held with the fingertips and the handle lies under the palm. Here more length of blade lies in contact with the skin hence used in making long incisions, usually the on the skin.
  • Stab Grip – A modification of Pencil grip where the scalpel is held at a 90o angle to the skin surface. This position help in allowing maximum control over penetration into the surface. It is used while making ports for laparoscopic surgeries.

Date First Available ‏

‎ 22 October 2020



Country of Origin ‏

‎ India

Net Quantity ‏

‎ 1.00 count

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Manarti Exports, Medrop


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